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Exposure Clinics

Exposure Therapy

Exposure Therapy (EP) is a treatment that is a part of cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT). It involves a number of strategies that help individuals to habituate or become more accustomed to their fear(s), anxiety and/or phobia(s). The approach has a strong scientific evidence base, that indicates that it is at least as effective as medication (for anxiety disorders) and has a better outcome with regards to relapse prevention.

The following anxiety disorders and conditions respond favorably to EP:

David uses a number of EP methods such as systematic desensitization, exposure and response prevention and a cutting edge fully immersive virtual reality laboratory to help individuals overcome their fears and phobias. 

The EP approaches may vary and include the following:

1) In Vivo Exposure - Exposure to the target fears in the "real" world.   

2) Virtual Reality Exposures - Cutting edge virtual reality simulations of fearful experiences, objects and environments. This is run at the practice rooms, in the VR laboratory. 

3) Imaginal Exposures - Targets the thoughts and images that relate to the individuals fears and or phobias. 

4) Interoceptive Exposures - Is predominantly used in panic disorder. It focuses on and targets the sensations and physiological symptoms of anxiety.

Some of the common phobias David Rosenstein has succesfully treated:


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